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We provide effective Project and Programme Management (PPM) services drawing on 20 years experience planning and delivering a wide range of projects. Our expertise and approach ensures efficient management, alignment with strategic goals, and successful delivery of expected benefits.


Project Brief and Plan Development: Define objectives, scope, stakeholders, and deliverables.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): Detail tasks and activities.

Project Scheduling: Develop timelines, milestones, and deadlines.

Programme Design: Structure and align the programme with strategic goals.


Benefit Realisation: Ensure programme delivers expected benefits and value.

Coordination and Integration: Manage interdependencies between projects.

Progress Tracking and Reporting: Monitor progress, establish performance metrics, and provide updates.

Change Management: Manage project changes, assess impacts, and implement approved changes.

Project Handover and Evaluation: Ensure smooth transition of deliverables, conduct post-project reviews, and evaluate benefits realisation.




Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Identify, evaluate, and develop strategies to minimise risks.

Issue Resolution: Establish processes to track and resolve issues promptly.


Resource Allocation and Capacity Planning: Assign resources to tasks and assess future needs.

Skills Development: Identify and address skills gaps within the project team.


Budgeting and Cost Management: Develop budgets, monitor costs, and provide financial reports.

Quality Management: Define standards, implement quality assurance processes, and monitor outputs.




Stakeholder Identification and Communication: Identify stakeholders and develop and deliver communication plans.

Engagement Strategies: Manage stakeholder expectations and feedback.



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