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Our services are based on 20 years experience supporting public and private sector decision makers big and small across the UK
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Heat Decarbonisation Heat Networks 

Fillip provided client-side project and stakeholder management of a study exploring the options to extend an operational town centre heat network 

The challenge


Crawley Borough Council has committed to reduce operation (Scope 1 & 2) CO2e emissions by 50% by 2030 and Net Zero by 2040. Natural gas consumed for space heating and to generate domestic hot water across the town centre and decarbonising these systems is critical to achieving climate targets.  The Council already has an operational town centre heat network commissioned in 2022 that supplies efficient and lower cost heat to its connections.  


A second phase has been explored, focusing on the connection of existing buildings and new developments in the town centre. With the transition from gas to electrification resulting in several technical and cost implications needing to be addressed the project has involved techno-economic analysis using a range of BEIS and Green Book compliant methods to identify the sustainable option and help address the big picture issues defined by the Energy Trilemma. 

Energy Trilema 2021.png

The solution 


Fillip provided project and stakeholder management services to the council and the incumbent engineering consultancy Ramboll UK Ltd to deliver an energy master planning and Detailed Feasibility Study to establish the carbon, technical and economic performance of heat network expansion and technology options.  The project findings led to a successful funding application to the BEIS Heat Network Delivery Unit to deliver a Detailed Project Development study that is establishing the viability to progress to construction, commissioning and operation & maintenance.

Crawley Heat Network Multi Tech Dashboards.png
Weekly project updates and dashboarding ensured the project team had timely visibility of progress.

Added Value


The outline solution sees electrification of heat - large scale heat pumps and electric boilers - leading to a significant load requirement. Fillip's knowledge of the electricity network - through EV charging experience - ensured early engagement was undertaken with UK Power Networks. This has accelerated the understanding of the network connection and reinforcement requirements, risk and associated costs.

Fillip ensured electrical loads and connection were raised with all key stakeholders, triggering a wider energy conversation with stakeholders. An outcome of this project is the development of long-term collaboration beyond the project, particularly on the electricity network as increased electrical loads and connections are likely to be a key issue for all stakeholders, regardless of whether they connect to the heat network.

EV Charging 

Fillip provided confidential technical and commercial services to help investors determine the robustness of planned EV charging schemes across the UK

The challenge


Why, where and how EV charging is deployed will become increasingly important issue as the UK transitions to Electric Vehicles. Investors need confidence and certainty that the EV charging infrastructure they are investing in is robust and the approaches used to identify locations and specify schemes is credible. This is a complex infrastructure requiring an undertanding of various technical, social, environmental, legal and commercial factors in isolation and combination.

The solution 


Fillip provided technical and commercial advice at portfolio and 'deep dive' individual scheme levels using data analytics and Multi Criteria Analysis to help inform investor decisions on large scale EV charging deployment.  We holistically evaluated key aspects of site identification, site prioritisation, selection and specification (including network connection) resulting in a 'balanced scorecard' and series of key findings and recommendations to inform investment decisions. 

EV Charging Dahboard Examples .png

We perform data driven analysis, providing insights at portfolio, pipeline and individual site level that support robust and timely planning and investment decisions 

Added value

Fillip delivered high quality analysis, meeting investor timescales and quality requirements. Our approach ensured that investors had a clear understanding of the merits of methods used by Charge Point Operators and their suppliers. We set out where improvements could be made to ensure current and future EV charging schemes met minimum standards, and in doing so, maximise utilisation and revenue generation.

Homeworking Emissions Engagement Tool    

We worked with Sustainabl to develop a tool
and service that helps reduce a subset of
Scope 3 GHG emissions 

The challenge


The Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and the cost-of-living crisis has impacted citizens, public, private and third sector in a way not seen before. The way we live, and work has changed with a range of implications in how we use buildings, transport, energy and our relationships with our employers and employees.  


An area that stood –out, was the lack of understanding of the implications our choices on working from home has on the energy we use, the associated carbon emissions and what that means to an employer. Sustainabl had already developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that could be launched but were unsure if it would have the impact they were looking for.

Sustainabl Home working Emissions tool 3.png

The solution 

Fillip reviewed the product and provided recommendations on areas where the tool and services could be developed with minimum effort, but provide a deeper level of insights for employees, employers and customers. Sustainabl completed the changes and through technical and soft-market testing developed insights to inform product launch. This led to Sustainabl developing a Freemium (emissions calculator), Standard, Enterprise and Partner business models, providing customer choice and diversifying revenue streams.

Added Value


Our rounded experience across energy, sustainability, GHG protocol and management consulting enabled Sustainabl to quickly refine its offers and enter the market quickly. We also introduced potential Associates that have seen Sustainabl’s partnership model expand.


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